Our Mission

Is to help you achieve your project/dream with confidence, ease and trust that it will be done perfectly, exactly how you want it!

About Aurel

I approach a project with an eye for improvement and detail. 
The quality of our home and work space impacts our quality of life, causing frustration and at times health issues when not done properly. 

From a repair/maintenance project to a renovation, I find great satisfaction working with my hands creating high quality finishes. 

My building back ground started in my home country of France where I trained working on both European old and and new projects, renovating and building. Upon my retirement as a professional athlete, I find building projects ignite my creativity, physicality, attention to detail and sense of accomplishment. 
My permaculture property of 6 acres in the Yarra Valley is where I relax with my family, continually building the home of our dreams and work on custom woodworking projects. 

I look forward to working with you, to bring enjoyment and pride to your project.

AP Carpentry & Handyman Services goal is to make your project an easy & pleasant experience.

"I have been an owner builder on a few projects and working with AP Carpentry & Handyman Services has been by far the best experience for me. I can even say I was able to sleep well while having Aurel on our projects."
M Scott

Why choose us?

  1. RELIABLE – expect us to follow through with our promises
  2. PROFESSIONAL – expect our professional & thorough advice for your project
  3. HIGH QUALITY SERVICE – expect a perfect finish
  4. ATTENTION TO DETAILS – expect us to think about all details for your needs
  5. PUNCTUAL – expect us to be there on time every time
  6. CREATIVE – expect new ideas, options and solutions
Aurel Pineau